Our Products

Explore our delectable range of authentic Sri Lankan products – papadams, noodles, vinegar, pastes, and more. Savor the finest flavors!

Sirikatha Papadam

Sirikatha Industries takes pride in producing a delightful variety of 8 types of Papadams, each infused with unique and flavorful twists.

Sirikatha Noodles

At Sirikatha Industries, we offer an assortment of noodles in different packaging weights, catering to your varied preferences.

Sirikatha Spices

We proudly produce an array of spices made exclusively with locally sourced Sri Lankan ingredients.

Sirikatha Pastes

Crafts variety of pastes, including Gamboge Paste and Turmeric Paste, delivering authentic Sri Lankan flavors.

Sirikatha Vinegar

Sirikatha Industries proudly produces Coconut Natural Vinegar, a pure and authentic taste of Sri Lanka’s finest coconut goodness.

Sirikatha Undu Flour

Sirikatha Industries offers Undu Flour, a versatile and essential ingredient for your culinary creations.